Singing in Key (Iron Gentry: Book 1)

For years, Callan dreamed of leaving his tiny hometown for Tomelin City to seek his fortune. But finding a music patron is a little harder than he’d thought, and even more so when he finds out that the legends about an old folk song are actually true. Now the city is going up in flames, because fairies aren’t nearly as nice as the stories say — especially when you’ve accidentally summoned their king into a city full of iron.

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The Wayward Changeling (Iron Gentry: Book 2)

After three years of peace and quiet, Callan thought he was done with fairies for good. But when a girl from his hometown turns out to be just as weakened by iron as the Seelie King was, Callan and Brianna find themselves in the middle of a changeling custody battle — because family ties are even more messy and complicated when the fae are involved.

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Cliff’s Edge (Iron Gentry: Book 3)

Callan O’Donnell has had his fair share of trouble with the Spring and Summer fairies. Eight years after the whole mess started, he thought all his fairy trouble was over. Now someone’s been meddling with Winter creatures, and the brutal Winter Court has no intention of letting the humans get away with it. But sorting out the blame and deflecting the Winter Guard isn’t as simple as Callan and his friends had hoped – especially when ghosts from the past come creeping out of the woodwork to settle their debts, once and for all.

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